Renaud Spirit Center Pricing For Dardenne Prairie Residents

We are pleased to announce the Cities of O’Fallon and Dardenne Prairie have reached an agreement regarding the Renaud Spirit Center pricing.

Dardenne Prairie residents will now be charged the resident rate for daily visits and annual memberships. The rates are as follows:



Youth (ages 3 to 18) $5.00
Adult (ages 19 to 54) $6.25
Senior (ages 55+) $5.75
Family (limit 5) $18.00


Youth (ages 3 to 18) $6.50
Adult (ages 19 to 54) $8.25
Senior (ages 55+) $7.50
Family (limit 4) $25.00


Paid annually or monthly.

Youth (Ages 3–18) $310.44 $341.06
Adult (Ages 19–54) $413.91 $458.06
Senior (Age 55+) $274.84 $307.95
BOGO 1/2 Off Senior $412.26 $461.92
Family* (limit 5, 4) $607.07 $667.78

Please note the resident rate does not apply to facility or room rentals.  Dardenne Prairie residents will be charged the non-resident rate for those activities.

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Friends & Neighbors

Representatives from 15 of the 42 subdivision home owners associations of Dardenne Prairie accepted the invitation of the Board of Aldermen join us at a dinner meeting on January  28, 2016  at City Hall.  The Board wants to improve communications from and to the citizens of Dardenne Prairie and recognizes that the HOAs provide an excellent channel to connect residents to their City Government.

Aldermen Santos, Koch, Klingerman, and Nay represented the Board along with Mayor Zucker.  The Mayor and Aldermen briefed our guests on several topics, including:

  • The City has taken over the youth baseball/softball program at the Dardenne Ball Park next to City Hall from the Dardenne Athletic Association, the DAA’s request.

Look for more activities to be scheduled at the Ball Park; let the City know what kinds of activities you would like to see there.

  • There are some groups seeking to expand multipurpose recreational space in Dardenne Prairie, including soccer, lacrosse, and cricket clubs.  Any expansion will require clear cut public support.
  • The City is embarked upon a multi-year program of capital improvements.  We initiated several sidewalk projects in 2015 and plan a program of about $800,000 in improvements in 2016 to include more sidewalks, street slab replacement and repairs, preventive maintenance on expansion joints on various streets, and some safety enhancements at the Ball Park.
  • We invite citizens to let us know what improvement projects ought to be included in future budgets.
  • We discussed several topics related to economic development, updates to the City’s comprehensive plan, and the planned revisions to the Uptown Zoning District.
  • The City is undertaking several steps to improve communications to and from City Government.  We will be upgrading the City’s website ( and Facebook page.  We invite subdivision HOAs to link their Facebook pages to the City’s sites to receive automatic distribution of news items.  The City will enhance its website to enable e-mail blasts to those who sign up to receive them.  We asked the HOA representatives if they read the quarterly newsletter printed in the Mid-Rivers weekly newspaper.  Most people said they preferred to get direct mail as they did not read the Mid-Rivers paper.
  • We discussed the proposition on the April 5 ballot to allow the City to continue to collect local sales tax (1.5%) on motor vehicles purchased from out of state sources.  Unless the voters approve the continuation of the tax, The State will not collect the tax beginning in 2017.  The sales tax on autos, boats, trailers and outboard motors is the largest single source of sales tax revenue for the City.  We don’t know how many people will choose to go to Illinois or other foreign place to buy cars in 2017, but if 20% choose to do so the City will see a loss of about $50,000 in revenue.  That will require us to cut back on services or find other sources of revenue.
  • We also discussed the need for the State to increase funding of state road projects.  Missouri has 37,000 miles of state roads and thousands of bridges that require maintenance, repair or replacement which can’t be performed without more money in the Highway budget.  Insufficient state funding also means the loss of federal matching funds which will be allocated to other states.  The legislature is considering a modest increase in the state gas tax among other solutions.
  • The Municipal Election is scheduled for Tuesday, April 5, 2016.  The Sample Ballot is printed on the City’s web site.  Please do your civic duty by voting in the April 5 election.

The HOA representatives asked lots of questions and provided very useful information to the Aldermen.  We look forward to hosting another dinner in about 6 months.  We hope then for an even bigger turnout from the HOAs.

The wonderful dinner was catered by His & Her BBQ, newly opened at Dardenne Town Square.  The most excellent fresh pastry desert was from Signature India, recently opened on Bryan Road, just south of the QT and PNC Bank in Dardenne Prairie.  I urge our residents to visit both and support our Dardenne Prairie businesses.

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City of Dardenne Prairie, MO




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Flood Insurance Study (FIS) and Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM)

The Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has revised the Flood Insurance Study (FIS) and Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) panels for properties in and around the City of Dardenne Prairie.  The new FIS and FIRM panels may be accessed from FEMA’s Map Service Center website:

There are twenty-one previously issued Letter of Map Changes (LOMCs) for properties within the City that have been revalidated by the attached FEMA letter dated January 19, 2016.

Anyone with questions about the LOMCs listed in the attached FEMA letter or about any other property in the City may contact the City Engineer at (636) 978-6008 or the FEMA Map Information exchange (FMIX), toll free, at (877) 336-2627).

David C. Zucker

Mayor, City of Dardenne Prairie


Click Here For:  FEMA letter


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David C. Zucker


Dave Wandling


Doug Santos

Brad Turvey


Dan Koch



Shall the City of Dardenne Prairie, Missouri, continue applying and collecting the local sales tax on the titling of motor vehicles, trailers, boats, and outboard motors that were purchased from a source other than a licensed Missouri dealer?  Rejection of this measure will result in a reduction of local revenue to provide for vital services for the City of Dardenne Prairie, Missouri, and it will place Missouri dealers of motor vehicles, outboard motors, boats, and trailers at a competitive disadvantage to non-Missouri dealers of motor vehicles, outboard motors, boats, and trailers?


                                    ¨  Yes                                    ¨  No


If you are in favor of the question, place an “X” in the box opposite “Yes”.  If you are opposed to the question, place an “X” in the box opposite “No”.

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Friends & Neighbors,

The Dardenne Prairie Board of Aldermen met on 1/20/2016 in Workshop and Regular sessions.

Chief Mike Marlo of the Wentzville Fire Protection District presented a brief description of plans for new fire stations and upgrades for the District. Parts of Dardenne Prairie are  served by the Wentzville District, the O’Fallon Fire Department, and the Cottleville Fire Department.

Plans to upgrade the facilities at the Dardenne Athletic Fields, next to City Hall are proceeding.  The City plans to replace aging bleachers with new aluminum, four row bleachers in time for this Spring’s Youth Baseball and Softball season.  Registration for Spring ball is open now.  Interested Coaches and players should contact the City’s Recreation Supervisor, Mathew DeWinters @ 636-755-5308.

The City continues to receive expressions of interest from people who are looking for multi-purpose recreational space.  In addition to soccer clubs we are hearing from lacrosse clubs and cricket clubs.  Cricket in Dardenne Prairie—who knew?

We congratulated Jeff Amelong, the City Code Enforcement Officer and Building Inspector for his 10 years of service to the City of Dardenne Prairie.

We announced the very recent opening of two new businesses in Dardenne Prairie: Signature India on Bryan Road just north of Hiway 364; and His & Hers BBBQ in Town Square, right behind Red Robin.  Check them out!!

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has approved new flood plain maps, effective January 20, 2016.  We will post the approval letter and instructions on how to locate your property on the FEMA maps on the City’s website next week.

Construction begun in the fall on sidewalk projects are all but completed.  The finishing touches have been held up by the weather.  The sidewalks are a welcome improvement to the community and the City has plans for more work to be performed in 2016.  We will provide details when the construction contracts have been awarded.

The City will be submitting applications for federal and county funding for street projects in early Spring.  We will let you know when action has been taken on our requests.

The recent rains and flooding of Dardenne Creek washed out masonry walls on an overlook at Barathaven Lake.  The property is owned by Great Rivers Greenway, but managed by the City of Dardenne Prairie under a long term contract.  The City is in touch with GRG to discuss the repair of the wall.

Filing for the April 5 Municipal election closed on 1/19/2016.  In Wards 1 and 3 only one person filed for Alderman. In Ward 1: Dave Wandling, a resident of Bainbridge is running for a two year term.  Incumbent Alderman Elliott Stipes decided not to run for another term. In Ward 3: Dan Koch, the incumbent Alderman, and a resident of Barathaven is running for re-election to a two year term.  In Ward 2 there are two candidates: Doug Santos, the incumbent Alderman, and Brad Turvey who are running for a two year term.  I filed for election to the office of Mayor to serve until April 2017.  No other candidate filed for Mayor. The voters of Dardenne Prairie will also be presented with a ballot proposition asking to continue to  city sales tax on vehicles purchased out of state.  The Sample Ballot will be posted to the City’s web site,

In Regular Session the Board adopted an amendment to the City’s building code to require new one and two family homes to be constructed with eaves extending from the vertical wall at least 12 inches to a maximum of 30 inches.  Eaves provide additional protection from rain water penetrating through foundation walls and reduce air conditioning expense by providing some shade from sunlight passing radiant energy through windows.  We were a bit surprised that the existing building code did not require eaves.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 3, 2016. The Workshop (the more interesting meeting) begins at 5:30.  The Regular session starts at 7:00.  Come see your City Government at work!


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City of Dardenne Prairie, MO



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Friends & Neighbors,

I have nothing exciting to report about tonight’s Powerball Drawing so I’ll summarize last week’s Board of Aldermen meeting on 01/06.  At the Regular Business meeting we had no ordinances or resolutions to adopt.  We did approve the payment of bills amounting to just over $92,000.  The two largest expenses were debt service and payroll.  The Workshop meeting, commencing at 5:30 was much more interesting.

We heard the first report from the City’s planning consultant who summarized a market assessment, the gist of which told us that over $50 million in annual consumer spending leaves Dardenne Prairie for retail stores out of town.  If that money had been spent in Dardenne Prairie stores the City’s additional tax revenue would have been about $750,000.  We are doing OK without that $750,000 in extra revenue right now, but in 10 years or so, our streets and storm sewers will begin to show their age and our capital improvement and street maintenance needs will exceed revenue by  a lot.  We will need to set aside some money each year to build a fund to meet future needs unless we can bring more retail sales back home to Dardenne Prairie.

A citizen brought to the Board’s attention a problem he is having with rain water running onto his yard from his neighbor’s yard and pooling there instead of draining away.  He identified several actions by his neighbor which he believes accounts for the standing water on his property.  He believes the City has some duty to assist in obtaining a remedy for his situation.  The City is aware of this and other complaints about surface water runoff that should be draining away but isn’t.  I proposed to the Board that we investigate this particular complaint and learn what, if anything, the City Government can do (legally and practically) to prevent this sort of problem from occurring and what could be done to provide or encourage remedies when it does occur.

Conflicts between neighbors are not pleasant and the City, as a practical matter, can’t intervene in or referee every neighborhood dispute.  Sometime, however, the City’s involvement could be constructive.  I reminded the Board that the only law that can never be repealed or amended is the Law of Unintended Consequences.  Therefore, we should proceed with care to understand what legal and practical remedies are appropriate.

All citizens who plan to change the slope or grade of their yard or to install patios, pools, and structures need to get permits and to pass inspections.  In some neighborhoods where small lots were approved in years past, the need for engineered plans and close inspections are critical.

The Board heard from a citizen in Dardenne Acres who reported some street flooding during recent rains.  We asked the City Engineer to report on the need for storm water facilities in that subdivision.  We also heard from a family in Ward 3 who urged the City to be more aggressive in enforcing the nuisance ordinances to address trash and derelict autos present on a neighbor’s lot.  The Code Enforcement Officer is already working on that case.

The City has another opportunity to apply for federal highway funds for street and sidewalk projects.  The Board asked the City Engineer to update our list of high priority projects for further review.  If you see a street that need serious work, please contact your Alderman so we may consider your input as we revise our list of projects.

Please check out the City’s website ( and click on City Departments and under that on Parks and Recreation.  You will find a list of events already calendared for 2016, including senior citizen events at City Hall, several bus trips throughout the year, concerts and movies in the park this summer, and much more to come.  The City Parks and Recreation Department is handling the registration and operation of the youth baseball and softball league formerly managed by the Dardenne Athletic Association.  We are excited to see the new activities at City Hall Park and the Dardenne Ball Fields this year, as well as the return of the very popular programs presented in years past.

The next meeting of the Board of Aldermen will be next Wednesday, January 20, beginning at 5:30 PM.  Come to City Hall and see your Government at work!

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City of Dardenne Prairie, MO




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Friends & Neighbors,

Here is a brief report on tonight’s workshop and business meeting of your Board of Aldermen.

·         State Representative Justin Hill (R. Dist. 108) provided a short report on the upcoming legislative session beginning in Jefferson City in January.  He also answered several questions from the mayor, aldermen and citizens attending the meeting.

·         A citizen’s request to enlarge the no parking zone along Quail Hollow Lane was discussed.  The Aldermen decided to defer action until January so that additional research could be conducted.

·         Aldermen approved the appointment of a slate of candidates to serve as the Board of Directors of the Bryan Road Community Improvement District.  The developer of the Dardenne Plaza retail center at Bryan and Feise Roads (QT, etc.) nominated three representatives.  The City may nominate two.  I asked for volunteers and was pleased to nominate Scott Kolbe (former Alderman, and business owner in Dardenne plaza retail center) and Robyn Schaber, who lives on Feise Road and owns Caregivers Inn.

·         Aldermen approved the appointment of Craig Stankovich and Michael Luna, both residents and property owners in Barathaven Subdivision to be directors of the Barathaven Community Improvement District.

·         Aldermen approved placing a proposition on the April ballot asking the voters if they want to continue collecting the city sales tax on motor vehicles, boats, trailers and outboard motors purchased from other than a licensed Missouri dealer.  If the proposition fails to win approval, car buyers could go to Illinois (for example), buy a car from a dealer there and not have to pay 1.5% sales tax when they title and register the car in Missouri.  If the measure is rejected the City expects to lose 25 to 50 thousand dollars in annual  revenue.  The measure will most likely be on the ballot in several other cities in St. Charles County.

·         Aldermen accepted the dedication of streets in the Rondale Court Subdivision.  The streets were built about 10 years ago but never accepted by the City because of a disagreement over construction of the subsurface of part of the street and storm sewer.  The developers offered an additional 10 year warranty backed by the personal guarantees of the owners.  The City will now be responsible for street  maintenance and snow plowing.

·         Finally, the Board of Aldermen approved an amendment to the 99 year lease of the Dardenne Athletic Fields next to City Hall.  The City will now take over the operation of the youth baseball and softball leagues that have been operated by the Dardenne Athletic Association since 1953.  The City expects to integrate the youth leagues into an expanded Parks and Recreation program which we expect to grow into a nearly year round series of activities.  During 2016 the City and the Dardenne Athletic Association will work to develop a plan of capital improvements in the grounds and facilities at the ball park to upgrade the park and enhance the recreational experience for residents and guests.  If we reach an agreement on the scope and value of those improvements the ownership of the parks will transfer to the City when those improvements are completed.  The City recently hired a full time Parks and Recreation Coordinator who will take the lead in registering boys and girls for the 2016 youth league.  Check the City’s website ( for details about the 2016 youth league registration and other information.

The next Board of Aldermen meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 6, 2016 beginning at 5:30 PM.  Come see your City Government at work!

All of us at City Hall wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy New Year (and Happy Festivus)!

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This Saturday, December 12th…
Help Dardenne Prairie win The Salvation Army St. Charles County Bell-Ringing Challenge! Simply text DARDENNEPRAIRIE to 71777 to make a donation.

St. Charles City and reigning Elected Officials Bell Ringing Champion City, Mayor Sally Faith is challenging all St. Charles County elected officials to join her in the St. Charles County Elected Officials Bell Ring to benefit those served by The Salvation Army in St. Charles County. Two trophies will be given out: one to the winning municipality whose population is less than 10,000 and one to the winning city with a population of 10,000 or more. Victory will be determined by the dollars raised by each governing body, in their Red Kettle, on December 12, 2015. The winner will have their municipality’s name engraved and be able to display the Official Bell Ringing trophy in their City Hall until next year’s 2016 Tree of Lights.


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Friends & Neighbors,

Here is the latest report from City Hall, including a summary of the Board of Aldermen meetings on 12/02/2015.

The BOA approved the 2016 Budget for the City of Dardenne Prairie at the conclusion of our preparation and review process begun in August.   The complete budget, including the Mayor’s budget message was posted on the City website ( in the BOA meeting packet for 12/02.  Here is a summary:

·         The City has $4.2 million in reserve funds.

·         We estimate revenue in 2016 from all sources to be $3.3 million

o   $1.1 million in general sales tax (1%)

o   $564,000 in capital improvement sales tax (0.5%)

o   $450,000 in motor fuel tax

o   $291,000 in property tax (11.25 cents per $100 assessed valuation)

o   $250,000 road & bridge tax

o   $240,000 municipal court fines

o   Miscellaneous revenue

·         We plan to spend $2.7 million for operations, including

o   $691,000 in debt service

o   $600,000 in personnel costs

o   $312,000 for police service contract

o   $250,000 basic road maintenance under the County Road Contract

  .    We plan $894,000 for capital improvements, including 

o   Additional road maintenance, repair and replacement over and above the County Road Contract

o   Barathaven trail relocation and repairs

o   Major street replacement projects in two older subdivisions (1/3 per year for 3 years)

o   First year of a 10 year project of sidewalk repairs to comply with the Americans with Disability Act

o   Two new side walk constructions projects

o   First year of a 10 year project for expansion joint replacement on all city streets

o   Enhancements at the Dardenne Athletic fields

   .     In order to pay for all the capital improvements we plan to draw $314,000 from reserve funds to supplement the $579,000 operating budget surplus.

 The Board authorized the Mayor to apply for federal funds to pay for 80% of the costs of the first half of our 10 year project to bring sidewalks into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Board approved a design change for the sidewalk project being installed along Hanley, north of Feise Rd.  The change will reduce contract costs by about $2000 and, hopefully, will allow the project to move forward while the weather permits pouring and curing of concrete.  We are all looking forward to the completion of the ongoing sidewalk construction projects.

 The Board heard reports concerning the purchase of a new computer server to replace the old server that failed last month.  The City has been operating with a “loaner” server.  Two maintenance/repair projects were reported.  Gutters on the City Hall were not properly designed or installed and do not drain.  There is risk of collapse, particularly if filled with ice during the winter.  The gutters will be replaced before freezing weather hits.  The synthetic rubber-like seal on the roof was damaged causing severe water leaks during the recent heavy rains.  The cause of the damage is under investigation and repairs have been ordered.

 Beavers migrating from the Busch Wildlife Preserve have begun to build dams along Dardenne Creek and Old Dardenne Creek in Ward 3.  The beaver dams pose a risk of flooding in the neighborhoods and will create standing water to breed mosquitos in the spring.  The beavers are taking down a significant number of trees.  The Board authorized the hiring of a professional trapper to reduce the beaver population during the State’s authorized beaver trapping season.

 The Board discussed the prospect of the change in 2016 of the local sales tax levy on motor vehicles, boats, trailers, and outboard motors. Taxes due at time of registration are 7.45%.   Dardenne Prairie receives 1.5% which represents the largest single source of sales tax revenue for the City.  Unless the voters approve a continuation of the tax levy by ballot measure the City will not receive tax on vehicles purchased outside of the state of Missouri.  Taxes will continue to be collected on vehicles (boats, trailers, etc.) purchased in Missouri.  No one knows how many people will travel to Illinois or other foreign territory to buy a car, so we don’t know how much revenue will lost if a ballot measure is not passed.  This matter will be debated at the 12/16 BOA meeting.  Let your aldermen know what you think about the issue.

 The new, full-time Parks and Recreation Coordinator, Mathew DeWinters, was introduced to the Board.  Mat’s first mission will be to handle registration for the Youth Baseball and Softball Leagues, starting January 4, 2016.  The City is taking over the registration and management of the leagues from the Dardenne Athletic Association.  The DAA, a non-profit organization staffed by volunteers, has managed the Youth Leagues in Dardenne Prairie since 1953.  The City intends to build on their proud tradition and continue to grow and improve the baseball and softball programs for the youth of Dardenne Prairie and neighboring communities.

 The next BOA meeting is Wednesday December 16, 2015.  Workshop begins at 5:30 and the Regular meeting begins at 7:00 PM  Come see your City Government at work!

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City of Dardenne Prairie, MO



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Proposed 2016 budget for the City of Dardenne Prairie





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